A message from the director...

Greetings from Sussex Pregnancy Care Centre. 


Our prayers are with you and we are  hoping this message finds you safe and well.  These are different times for sure with lots of extra pressures.  


As most of you know at the Pregnancy Care Centre we have been closed to the public for visits, but are maintaining contact with our clients remotely. We are helping meet physical needs with doorstep drop offs of diapers and formula, and we are continuing to provide access to parenting lessons digitally through our new Brightcourse streaming system.  Over 30 families have received some sort of support during Covid-19. 


As you likely already know we were unable to host our annual Spring Auction on April 18, as planned due to required restrictions.  This one fundraiser was projected to raise $10,000 of our 2020 budget.  


While we strive to cut costs to make up for the shortfall, we want to be able to continue to provide this most important service to our community.


Our next fundraiser is our annual Baby Bottle Campaign which takes place between Mother’s day and Father’s day.  


You are likely familiar with the baby bottles that individuals and families pick up from their local church on Mother’s day; they add spare change, dollar bills or cheques and return them by Father’s day.  


This fundraiser raised $11,000 last year.  Since churches are not meeting, this fundraiser is also not possible in the traditional sense.  


We have, however devised an online Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign Fundraiser that we are hoping you will help us to implement.  


We ask that you  pray for the Sussex Pregnancy Care Centre each day for the 6 weeks between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and at the same time we’d like to encourage you to give toward the baby bottle campaign at a distance by clicking this link




Or sending a cheque to:​​​


Sussex Pregnancy Care Centre

10 Church Ave

Sussex, NB, E4E 1Y7


We, of course, understand that not everyone is in a position to give during this time but anyone can participate by praying that the needs will be provided for.  


Please help to communicate this new virtual fundraiser on social media and online by sharing this page with people you know.  We would be most grateful!


Michelle Carmichael,

Executive Director

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10 Church Avenue, Sussex, NB

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